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ATV Frequenter


In this day and age, to keep up with the ever changing world of business, it is evident that the most important factor is to remain progressive. Social and or economic forces can and will hit your industry, creating a declining financial waterfall effect. Thus causing gross and profit margin hiccups in your place of business. Naturally shifting gears as a reflex reaction is an  absolute, to adjust, adapt, and overcome these obstacles is a must.  That’s our cue to come in.  Here at Andisheh TV (ATV) we demonstrate  on how you can show and prove through these trials and tribulations with a  triumphant plan of action. Here at ATV our services are attained and rendered nationally and internationally, all over the world. We allow your business to knock on millions of people’s homes, via satellite, and online.  Andisheh TV has the foresight to paint the picture for your product and services on a daily basis

In the Los Angeles market, we have over 500,000 viewers.  That’s exposure to an exclusive market of half a million consumers. That gives you the ultimate competitive advantage, in which enable you to approach prospect clients/customers simultaneously, at the most statistically successfully rate of the advertising and marketing era.  Andisheh TV (ATV) is a 24-hour satellite television station located in woodland hills, California, founded and launched in June of 2006.  Our viewers have unanimously voted ATV as the “most reputable” network in our class, an attribute we have built and sustained in under a decade.  We continue to progress and fulfill our audiences thirst for world and local news. ATV Features political, economic and business updates hourly, current affairs daily, opinion and analysis breakdowns from subject matter experts weekly, not to mention various special broadcasts and educational programing with a strong line-up of locally produced shows. 

Why choose us? We can sum up our production capabilities with two words, “superior content”, in addition to providing full-service commercials.  ATV media offers ready-made solutions for your business, along with several different variety media packages to meet your financial desire.  We understand that your advertising needs are as unique as your business.  A winning formula is the essential key to your success.  We have developed an array of strategic advertising models.   ATV delivers the one and only trifecta dynamic, “Target media, Target online presence, and Target Promotions.”  The easy part is identifying which one represents the swagger of your business.   What is ATV’s secret ingredient for success?

We pay close attention to the Details.” 

Office: (818) 734-7100 
Fax: (818) 703-5006 
Address:  20501 VENTURA BLVD SUITE 180, WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91364

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